Sunday, October 26, 2014

Who Am I in 10 years from now .

Assalamualaikum guys .

Everyone do have their own dream right ? So do I . I am the type that always dreaming about what will happen to me in 10 years from now . I got two version of me that I always dreaming of .


                   When I was in high school , I always dream to get married early . That is because I am very lazy to study . Plus , I already have my special one and I had knew him since I was 13 years old . I want at least 4 children . If I get more than 4 , I will be happier because I love kids . I don't care either girls or boys .


                     As I love to cook , cooking is not a problem for me . I also hate when my room in messy . I always clean the house and help my mom to make sure the house always in clean and neat . I dont want hire maid because I want to do everything by myself . Of course I will breastfeed all my children . Mama once said , the best milk is mom's milk . Every mom , want the best for their children . So do I . I hope , my children will suceed and will be a happy family .


                     As I am taking diploma in chemical engineering in food , and planning to take the same course when I am in degree , I always dreaming I will be a successful food nutrition in 10 years from now . I will be a food nutrition at Prince Court Medical Centre situated at Kuala Lumpur .  This medical centre is very famous in our country and that medical centre is well known among the royal family and famous people in the country . The facilities is the best . 

Prince Court Medical Centre 

                    I can create a nutritious food to the patients there . Different from the food at the hospital that we already have now . The food will not be as boring as now . I really hope that my dream can come true . 

Okay . I really hope that all my dream will come true . I also hope that I will success in my life .

p.s : Before this I actually want to be a doctor . Thats why I still want to work in hospital or medical centre .

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