Sunday, October 5, 2014

My inspiration . My hero . My love

Assalamualaikum .

Hye guys . Today I want to talk about my inspiration in my life . I am very sure everyone has their own inspiration or idol to achive to higher level in their life . 

My inspiration is Rosihan B.Yusof . My King . My Hero . My Mentor . My only Abah .

Abah is the first son in the family . He was born on 31st January 1971 . He married Mama on 25th May 1995 . He works as finance analyst in Talisman Energy Limited at Kuala Lumpur . I choose Abah as my inspiration in my life because he is my first man that enter in my life . 

Abah is a postive person . Everytime he does anything , he will do it untill he succeed . He always motivate me and said to me to push harder and to try again when I fail in doing anything such as failed in exam . Abah knows that I hate Chemistry and Engineering . He said that Allah had gave this course to me because He knows that I can do it .

He cares about me a lot . He is the only man that never hurt me . That always cheer me up when I sad . Altough sometimes I do problem , he still had patience with me and his love never gone . 

I love you Abah . Thank you . For everything .

p.s : Feeling sad because first time celebrate eid far from family . Happy Eiduladha everyone :)

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