Sunday, October 26, 2014

My family . My oxygen .

Assalamualaikum guys .

                    Today I want to tell about my beloved family .Everyone sure love their own family a lot right ? I have a very unique family . All of the family members are 6 members altogether . Abah , Mama , me , Mekwa , Bella and Pia . All of my sibling are girls . 

                     Abah name is Rosihan b. Yusof and from Kemaman , Terengganu while Mama name is Anita bt. Yazid and from Besut , Terengganu . Although their high school are just near that is Abah was schooling at Sek. Men. Sultan Ismail while Mama at SMA Tok Jiring at Kuala Terengganu , they only met when they were together futher their diploma at Kolej Sultan Zainal Abidin ( KUSZA ) that now known as Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UNISZA) . They get married on 25th May 1995 . Up until now , they get 4 daughters .

                      Next about my sisters . My second sister name Nur Amira Najwa . We call her Mekwa . She was born on 6th April 1998 . She is now 16 years old and schooling at Sek. Men. Keb. Seri Gombak . She love Korean Celebrities a lot . One of her favourite is K-pop group , EXO . My third sister name is Nur Amira Nabila . We call her Bella . She also born on 6th April but different year that is on 2004 . Bella and Mekwa were a big gap in the age because Mama actually had pregnant two girls in between them but had miscarriage because Mama got high blood pressure . Bella is a creative girl . She can draw very well . 

                       My last sister name is Nur Amira Sofea . We call her Pia or Adik . She was born on 3rd November 2007 . Pia has a great memory . As she is schooling at Sek. Ren. Agama Al Amin , together with Bella , they had to memorize Surah from Al Quran . Pia can memorize a Surah in just 3-7 days . She now had memorize almost all Juzuk 30 . Pia also love to draw . Most of her drawing are dresses . She once said that she want to be a muslimah fashion designer . 

  Thats all about my family . I really love them a lot . I hope we will be always happy .

up from left : Mekwa , Abah , Mama and me 
down from left : Bella , Pia

p.s : Pia's birthday is just around the corner .

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