Sunday, October 26, 2014

If Allah Will :)

Assalamualaikum world  .

                   Love is a feeling that exist in every person . That love must be for someone or something  . I also have that 'someone' . That change my life completely . That show me what life is . And that show me what loyalty means . 

                    That someone is Mohamad Hafizul b. Hassan Hussin . I call him 'abang' because he is much older than me . He was born on 18th November 1990 at Grik , Perak . He lives in Kajang , Selangor . He is now working with his family at a restaurant in Kajang . He loves to ride motorcycle .


me and his family (my future In Syaa Allah)

                      I knew him when I was 13 years old . I knew him from my friend . Before he be my 'that someone' , we be bestfriend . We shared a lot of stories . I tell him a lot about my problem either in my studies or in my friendship . On 2010 , 6th June, he told me that he likes me more than friend . I was expect that because I also like him . I like him because of his attitude toward old folks , toward woman . He respect them a lot escpecially his parents . 

                          Up till now , its already 5 years we have known each other . Everything that he love , everything that i hate , we know each other very well . He also had brought me to meet his family . His family treat me very well . His family make me fall harder towards him . Kak Anna , his younger sister , has become my bestfriend now . Why kak anna ? Because his younger brother , Aji , and younger sister are older than me . 

kak anna and me 

                          In Syaa Allah , he will be my future . My future husband , my future bff and of course , my future children's daddy . We actually already had planned to tie the knot between us . Maybe just engaged . But I afraid if my Abah not agreed as I am still study and Abah did not believe in me to continue study after married . For me , its okay . If Allah will , everything will be fine . And if I am his 'tulang rusuk' , whatever happen , we will still be together .

p.s : This year is my first time celebrate Eid together with his family .

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